5 games to play with seniors

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With the pandemic and winter approaching, we are already preparing to return to hibernate indoors. For many, being cloistered indoors will be the perfect time to get lost in their favorite hobbies without embarrassment: reading, series, crochet and, of course, video games.

We associate video games with the youngest, but video games are a phenomenon that has conquered all generations: more than half of Canadians consider themselves gamers. In the recent report by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, we see that baby boomers, like other generations, frequently play video games: men prefer puzzle games on computers, while women prefer puzzle games on mobile devices.

Why encourage seniors to play?

Video games can have several benefits for seniors: 3D video games can improve cognitive function in seniors, reduce their social isolation and improve their attention span and solve multiple problems simultaneously.

Video games are not magical, but can become a challenging hobby. In this article, we have found 5 games that you can play with your parents, grandparents or any senior with whom you want to share your hobby. The games we have chosen are not intensive in terms of reflexes, but still manage to activate the neurons and immerse you in the experience.

Civilization VI

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The latest installment in the venerable Civilization series, Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game in which players control empires drawn from human history. Players lead armies, research technologies and do diplomacy to try to win one of the possible types of victories, as much as the types of cult, diplomatic, military or scientific victory.

A quiet game that tests your strategic mind, this game is suitable for players of all ages. By playing Civilization VI, you too will learn the hard way the consequences of playing “just one more trick” until the early hours of the morning. This game is available on all consoles, computers and mobile.

No Man’s Sky

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Jump into your spaceship and explore the stars in this space exploration game from Hello Games. No Man’s Sky offers players to explore a complete galaxy of randomly generated planets. Collect resources to upgrade your equipment and ship and build your base with other players, if you wish!

We recommend this game because it offers adequate depth without being too demanding in terms of reflexes and complexity. No Man’s Sky is available on almost all consoles and on computers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing Artwork

Create and embody a character on a paradise island. Get to know your neighbours, build a village, and discover the local flora and fauna. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very relaxing and peaceful game that encourages you to play in small sessions daily to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

An addictive and adorable Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a frequent rendezvous for players of all ages during a pandemic thanks to its cooperative mode and the ability to visit other players’ islands.

Interested? Check out our article about this game.

Stardew Valley

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The ultimate small farm “simulator”, Stardew Valley is a survival game where the player takes care of a small farm, transforms the bush into productive fields, expands his house, cooks meals and meets the characters of the small community of Stardew Valley.

Available on all platforms and on mobile, this game, much like Animal Crossing, is a quiet and satisfying experience suitable for players of all ages. It is possible to grow the farmhouse in collaboration with other players thanks to the multiplayer mode.

It Takes Two

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A brand new cooperative puzzle and adventure game, It Takes Two tells the story of Cody and May, a married couple on the verge of divorce mistakenly turned into dolls by their little girl. The couple overcomes hardships of all kinds and faces “villains” of all types, ranging from a vacuum cleaner to a clock. The game is a mix of several imaginative puzzles, which force players to work together. The game is full of fun mini-games and fascinating settings.

Available on all consoles and on computers, It Takes Two offers a fun story and challenges in large quantities for two players.

And many more!

Are there any other games you share with your parents and grandparents? Share the games you love to play with the seniors in your life in the comments!

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