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ÉCRAN PARTAGÉ is a French-language educational guide on video games, intended for parents and beginners. You can thus find for each game:

  • the level of violence,
  • minimum level of execution required for the controller,
  • additional hidden costs,
  • positive messages,
  • and many other details.

How does it work?

Choose the age of the person for whom the video game is intended, in the menu above. Then choose the console or PC that person is going to play on. You will have a list of games for which you can consult the recommendations.

No idea which console to choose?

Check out this article:Which console to choose?

Are you looking for a specific title? Click on the magnifying glass at the top right to enter the name of the game you are looking for.

About the founder

I am Marc, passionate about video games since always.

I programmed them, I competed on them, I wrote articles about them on Multijoueur.ca and RDS Video Games. And I teach their programming at École NAD, for the UQAC. In short, I am constantly in this universe.

But when I tell my friends or new acquaintances about it, they are far from understanding how it all works.

“Why are there 3 different consoles?”
“Why are there 3 different consoles?”
“What should I choose for my child between 1000 games per platform?”
“What’s the difference between the 4 controllers?”

I have created this site to help you answer all your questions and choose the most appropriate games and consoles for your children, friends and yourself.

Through many posts, I hope to be able to guide you in these fantastic interactive universes in which, I am sure, you will like.

Come on, follow the guide! Let’s go !

Marc Shakour

About our team

Editor:Amy Mole

Amy Mole Écran Partagé

Gamer since I was little, the world of video games has always attracted me. I worked in video game businesses for many years, I participated and coordinated local eSports tournaments, in addition to having participated in many Comiccons. I am also a fan of Life Action Role Playing game and I find my joy in games of Dungeons and Dragons. You will often find me playing RPG, Action and FPS games, but my repertoire and collection is huge and varied.


Editor: Cédric Duchaineau

Currently a master’s student in communication, video games and gamification, Cédric is always curious to learn more about video games, communities and the realities of our digital world.

Portrait_-_hero Cedric Duchaineau

Editor: Elsa Brais-Dussault

Psychologist and passionate about games! Video games, board games, role-playing games and LARPs… I founded the LudiPsy: Mental Health and Gamification platform to promote the integration of gamification into mental health practice.

Elsa Brais-Dussault

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