Just Dance 2023: What’s the difference between Just Dance Now, Plus+ and Unlimited?

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Just Dance is a series of dance games that ask players to reproduce the choreographies that scroll on the screen. You either have to use your smartphone to connect to the Playstation or Xbox, or the joy-con of the Nintendo Switch, depending on the console you have.

The series is now exclusive to consoles.

Between the multiple names, games and subscriptions, what’s the difference? Let us explain.

Just Dance 2016 – 2022

Each episode of the dance game series features 40 songs. When you pay for a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited, you get access to an additional 650 songs, sometimes taken from other episodes of the series.

Available on consoles.

Just Dance 2017

Is the only episode available on Ubisoft Connect, Ubisoft’s digital video game distribution platform on PC. It costs about $50, and allows access to Just Dance Unlimited in this way.

Available on PC via Ubisoft Connect.

Just Dance 2023

Is the final installment in the Just Dance video game series. It was released on September 10, 2022. When you pay for a subscription to Just Dance Plus, you get access to an additional 150 songs, sometimes from other episodes of the series.

A demo is available on the consoles’ digital stores.

Available on consoles.

Just Dance Now

Is the only current way to play Just Dance on PC, Mac through its browser. To do this, you have to go to the website:


And then download an app to your smartphone to play it.

This gives you access to a few songs to try for free. Then you have to pay a Just Dance Now subscription to continue playing. Not compatible with the rest of the games or subscriptions.

Just Dance Plus

Subscription only compatible with Just Dance 2023. Provides access to about 150 songs for now. The number will grow during the year 2023 if the success is there.

4.99 CAD 1 month

$12.99 CAD 3 months

29.99 CAD 1 year

Just Dance Unlimited

Subscription compatible with Just Dance 2016 games until Just Dance 2022. Provides access to approximately 600 songs.

Eventually, Ubisoft wants to stop this subscription system, and switch users to Just Dance 2023 and Just Dance Plus.

5.49 CAD 1 month

$13.49 CAD 3 months

32.99 CAD 1 year

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