Review: Fire Emblem Engage explained to parents

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What parents need to know

Fire Emblem Engage is the final installment in Nintendo’s turn-based strategy series. You play as Alear, the divine dragon of a fantasy kingdom, a kind of deity for the inhabitants of the kingdom. He must assemble an army to confront the fallen dragon villain who threatens the world.

The particularity of this episode is to bring back several protagonists of the previous episodes. But if it’s not a direct sequel, Fire Emblem Engage provides players with rings that allow units to summon heroes from the past to take advantage of their skills.

The game takes place in two stages. There are of course the fights themselves, where you have to move your soldiers around the field, a bit like a game of chess. We must take advantage of the strengths of uniting us, allow them to gain experience, without putting them in danger, since in the classic mode, the units that defeat are gone for good.

In a second phase, you move on the grounds and in your hâvre, the Somniel. You can then participate in several mini-games, which will give certain bonuses to your units. You can also develop friendships between the different units, which will teach you more about each of the characters, in addition to giving them advantages in combat when they are in close proximity to each other.

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Release date: 20 January 2023

Developed by: Intelligent Systems
Published by : Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Game Type: Role-playing/Strategy
Themes: Medieval warfare, magic
Average duration of a game: 1 hour
Total game lifespan: 35 hours to complete the main story, 50 hours and more to complete everything

Business model: You have to pay to buy the base game. Additional downloadable content (additional hero summons, additional items, additional chapters) is also available. There is also the option to unlock additional costumes and musical pieces with Amiibo figures sold separately.
Available languages: French (interface and subtitles only) and English in particular

Number of players:

1 player locally, up to 2 players online


  • in digital format (download to console or computer)
  • in physical format

Players3+ 7+ 12+16+18+
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Traditionally, the Fire Emblem series was renowned for its high level of difficulty, but Nintendo have changed the situation in the latest games. In classic mode and high difficulty level, the challenge will be daunting: your units die permanently, and enemies are unforgiving.

But the Easy mode lives up to its name, making the challenge accessible to everyone, even more so when you choose the Casual mode that allows defeated units to return to the next fight. The crystal of time, which allows you to go back when you have made a bad decision, also makes the game much more accessible.

Violence, fear, nudity?
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Fire Emblem Engage features themes of war and invasions between countries, so there’s an intrisèque violence that accompanies the game.

That being said, we never see blood and the violence is more cartoonish than realistic.

There is also no nudity or mention of sexual relations, but some female characters are dressed in rather revealing clothes.

Language level used
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The game comes with its share of unique terms associated with its medieval fantasy universe, but otherwise, the vocabulary is rather accessible, and there are no vulgar terms that could shock a less informed audience.

Positive message
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Fire Emblem Engage carries all the themes dear to Japanese anime that target a younger audience: the importance of friendship and mutual aid, the need to follow your heart and go after your dreams.

However, Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t question war so much; There are the good guys and the bad guys, and sometimes the bad guys can change their minds and join the good guys, but you never question the need to defeat the opposing side.

Minimum reading level required
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You’ll need to read a lot of text to progress through Fire Emblem Engage, even more so if you don’t speak English (or Japanese), since audio isn’t available in French.

One of the interests of the series is to develop the links between the different fighters, and thus learn more about their personality. This dimension will escape you if you do not understand the audio.

For the fights as such, you will understand the essentials with the numbers presented on the screen, but a good reading level is definitely an asset.

Additional costs ?
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Fire Emblem Engage offers a good amount of content in its basic version (several tens of hours of gameplay), but the additional paid content is relatively numerous and expensive.

The expansion pass costs $39.99 CAD (€29.99) and offers 4 waves of downloadable content. Among other things, there is a ring that allows you to summon the heroes of the previous title, Three Houses, items that will strengthen your units, and an additional story chapter, as well as other content that is not yet announced that will be released by the end of the year.

The content offered is interesting, but it is expensive.

Some Amiibo figures also unlock additional costumes and music. These additions are aesthetically pleasing, but they will appeal to fans of the series, which can incur significant additional costs.

Minimum level of execution on the controller required
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Jauge Verte Ecran Partage

Fire Emblem Engage is a turn-based strategy game, which means you have plenty of time to choose your actions and execute them. The game is very accessible to all, even those with motor disabilities.

Some optional mini-games require a little more skill with the controller, but they are very optional.

Local game mode

Single player campaign mode.

Online game mode

You can complete special co-op cards with a friend via the web, or compete against other players’ teams on a delayed basis.

Our opinion

Fire Emblem Engage is still a good installment in the series, but it’s not necessarily the most accessible to newcomers. Indeed, a strong emphasis is placed on the return of heroes from the history of the franchise, including protagonists of episodes released only in Japan.

Those whose first Fire Emblem is unlikely to be as excited by these returns, and by the references to heroes of the past.

If this is your case, we offer Fire Emblem Three Houses, also available on Nintendo Switch, and much easier to approach for new players.

For those who are already familiar with the series, this is a good title. There is less emphasis on romantic relationships like what could be found in episodes since Fire Emblem Awakening, to put a greater focus on strategy and the fights themselves.

Small note though; if you are a veteran, Normal mode is very easy. You will find your account more with the hard level.

More information about the game: Official game page