The Dangers of Discord

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Discord is a free app for chatting online with many people.

In the article, “What is Discord?” we explained the basics of this application. In this article we explain the dangers and privacy issues that can occur when using this application.

Gaming Activity

Whether on mobile or computer, the Discord app scans your activity on your device. It uses it to detect if you are streaming (streaming your camera or game image online to the public), or the games you are currently playing.

This allows you to show other members of your groups of players, what you are playing with the help of the small sentence here:

Discord Nickname gaming activity Screen Sharing

Or to tell them that you are streaming, and that they can join you.

In some cases, when you play online with friends who are chatting with you on Discord, it allows you to view who is talking at what point, using an overprinted interface (called overlay)on your game.

The problem is that even if you stop the detection of games in the Discord settings, Discord continues to do so anyway, and will build up a list of games on your computer, visible in the interface. Unfortunately for now, we don’t have any information regarding what other applications Discord might or might not save on its company’s servers.

Discord Gaming Activity Screen Sharing


This is one of the major problems of this platform, the company that manages it (Discord Inc.) is very opaque about its operation and the type of data it collects. When an app is used by 250 million people out of as many, or even more devices, it’s really an all-you-can-eat buffet of data and information that his company can pick up, store and then sell to other companies.

In addition to the classic chat service, you can connect your Facebook, Xbox, Spotify, Twitch and so on … with Discord.

This means that when you have connected your Facebook account, Discord can view for example the list of your contacts and their details. Connect your Spotify account, and Discord can view what you’re listening to. And it works in all 2 directions. Facebook and Spotify can then view your Discord messages,

This is one of the reasons why Microsoft, among many others, tried to buy Discord a few months ago for $12 billion. Such a wealth of information is crucial for businesses. Being able to know what you like, consume, listen, play allows you to target yourself much better and … among other things, to sell you targeted products and services.

Discord Connections Screen Sharing

Transmission of messages

When messages are transmitted from one interlocutor to another, through Discord’s servers, they are not encrypted, that is to say, at any time, anyone can read them, even for “private” messages.

Besides, I was able to experience this myself, by connecting an Android phone to a computer and by consulting all the messages of my Discord that were present in clear in the programmer mode and that are displayed without any protection.

Therefore, do not share your confidential information and other passwords on it.

Who says 250 million users, says potentially danger. When you let your child, connect to any server and talk to hundreds of people, it is possible to come across malicious people. As soon as a person is on a server, they can receive private messages from other members of that server, set by default. It is important to check the settings of the application, which are multiple and scattered throughout the interface. Note that for each of the servers you join, different settings can be applied.


Discord is therefore a free application, very convenient with many users, who make it its strength and weakness at the same time. It is a full-fledged social network that it will be hard to escape from the moment you want to communicate with friends during your online games, so other online voice chat services are innove and of poor quality. It is important to be vigilant with regard to all the points mentioned above. It is not mandatory to transmit so much information for free to Discord.

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