How to participate in DYNAMO?

Cest quoi DYNAMO Ecran Partage

DYNAMO is our series of in-person video game presentation events.

To understand how it works, please read this article: What is DYNAMO?

An event like DYNAMO is very expensive to carry out and requires many people dedicated to the organization of it and the presentation of games. This helps to highlight local games and developers

Do you like what we do, and do you want to be part of it?

There are several ways to participate in a DYNAMO event:

Present your game (Game developer)

To submit your game to the selection jury, please fill out this form:

In French.

Or in English.

Attend game presentations

To come see how things are going at Dynamo and discover talented games and teams, follow the news of Shared Screen directly on our website or on our social networks:

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To be aware of the next event.

Why sponsor the event?

  • Take advantage of DYNAMO’s influence and its presence in the Montreal video game ecosystem to increase the visibility of your company or organization.
  • Helping to showcase local developers
  • Promote its services for video game developers.

Interested? Contact us via the form below:

    The GLITCH event (the ancestor of DYNAMO) had as partners the NAD-UQAC School, Xbox, Triple Boris, Ayming, Oshko, WB Games Montreal, and Behaviour Interactive.

    The first DYNAMO event was partnered by NAD-UQAC School, Innoprofits Solution and Red Barrels Games.

    Participate in the organization of the event

    We need many volunteers at each event in order to manage the presenters, audience members, other team members, manage food and drinks, set up tables, chairs, microphones.

    To participate in the organization of the event on a voluntary basis, contact us via the form below:

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