Display your game on Shared Screen

Shared Screen receives about twenty requests for game reviews daily.

We don’t have the resources to cover all these games. So we have to make choices.

Here are some of the selection criteria:

  • advisable to parents for children
  • beautiful art direction
  • game available for sale easily
  • no early access, beta (if you would like advice about your game in development please check out our consulting services)
  • ideally that it brings Shared Screen views too. This means that submitting to Shared Screen doesn’t have to be your only marketing effort.

If we refuse your game, it is absolutely not personal. We may review your game later with another version that we like more, or one of your future games.

If we review your game and we don’t like it, it’s absolutely not personal either. However, we don’t want to lie to our readers about the game. If we lie about it, readers will be disappointed and they will not believe us when reviewing a future good title, possibly from your studio.

We are aware that you have worked very hard for months, years on your game, we know how difficult the development of a game is, some of us have worked for several years in the industry, however it is about managing an opportunity cost.

Writing a test, a review takes several hours, it is indeed necessary:

  • review the game on the console, computer, or phone
  • search for information everywhere to inform the consumer
  • take screenshots, find the right images, videos.
  • write the article

If we spend time testing for several hours a game that we do not like, it is time that we lose for the rest of the games that are safe values and that bring us visibility.

We review a lot of different games, however each of the editors naturally has preferences. Please check the author page of each of them, to see the type of games they like.

We very rarely relay the news, the updates of the games. Other sites are much better than us for this.

Read all this? Suggest us your game here: