Epic Games Store

Platform for the digital distribution of video games on PC, Mac, and Linux from Epic Games. There is a website with the catalog of games at this address.

And in order to be able to enjoy the games, it is necessary to install a free program on the computer, called a client. You also need to create a free Epic Games account.

When the client is installed, one can then download the games to one’s computer.

Epic Games Store is a popular digital distribution platform, thanks to the worldwide success of the game Fortnite, and the unreal engine game engine.

It contains the games and software of Epic Games but also many publishers. Indeed, the company began to seduce other publishers in order to compete with Valve and its digital distribution platform Steam, which has almost a monopoly.

To seduce users, it offers games like Fornite, but also Rocket League, Fall Guys, Unreal Tournament … and offers games for free every week. Thus users register on the platform to be able to download them and thus see the rest of the catalog.