PlayStation 5 – A new system software beta and new features

Playstation 5 Slim Featured Shared Screen

PlayStation recently unveiled a beta version of the upcoming PlayStation 5 system software update, which brings practical improvements as well as new features. While this beta is currently only available to select participants in select countries, including Canada, PlayStation plans to make this update available to all users around the world in the coming months. Here is a summary of the new features introduced:

Audio enhancements to the DualSense wireless controller’s built-in mic and speaker

Controller speaker improvements now include increased volume, providing better distinction between sounds and voices in games. In addition, noise cancellation has been improved with a new AI-based machine learning model for the controllers’ mic. This model reduces background noise generated by key presses and game audio, significantly improving the voice chat experience.

Screen Sharing interactions

During a full-screen Share session, participating players now have the ability to interact with the host’s game session using sliders and emojis. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled by the host depending on their preference.

Spectators can now move a cursor, ping, or draw a line on the split screen, to highlight specific objects or areas to guide the host player more accurately. They can also send reactions in the form of emojis to the host’s screen to visually encourage them and congratulate them on their in-game actions.

Adjust the brightness of the PS5 power indicator

You can now adjust the brightness of the power indicator on your PS5 console.

For more information on the PlayStation 5 beta, you can visit the PlayStation blog.

To sign up for the PlayStation 5 Beta Program, click here.

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