Are we destroying the planet with our video games?

Among the many fantastic videos that ARTE produces, the one we are offering you today tackles the impact of video games on climate change.

The video explores in depth concerns about the environmental impact of video games. Through a series of conversations between different characters, she addresses the various aspects of this complex issue, ranging from the energy consumption of gaming consoles to the cultural and social impact of the video game industry.

The video begins with a discussion between Ronan and an unknown interlocutor on the subject of the environmental impact of video games. Ronan expresses his concerns about the increasing energy consumption of gaming consoles and the carbon footprint associated with the video game industry. He raises questions about the sustainability of this industry and even plans to contact Rodolphe, whom he considers an expert in the field, for additional information.

Ronan gets in touch with Rodolphe to discuss his concerns about the environmental impact of video games. Rodolphe shares detailed information about the research he has conducted in this field. He explains that although video games have some impact on the environment, they are not as significant as other sectors such as transport or agriculture. Rodolphe provides data on the CO2 emissions associated with the production and use of gaming consoles, highlighting the importance of energy consumption in this impact. It also suggests ways to reduce the carbon footprint of video games, including designing more energy-efficient consoles and improving electronics recycling processes.

Ronan continues his research by talking to Lola, who works in the video game industry. Lola shares her perspective on the challenges the industry faces when it comes to environmental sustainability. It also addresses issues such as crunch, a common intensive work practice in game development, and highlights the importance of striking a balance between technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Lola also sheds light on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the video game industry, emphasizing that diverse perspectives are key to effectively addressing the environmental and social challenges facing the industry.

The video ends with a reflection on the collective responsibility of the video game industry in the fight against climate change. It highlights the importance of a collaborative approach involving players, developers, researchers, and policymakers to promote more sustainable practices in the industry. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and originality, the video offers an optimistic vision of the future of gaming, in which the industry is actively committed to reducing its impact on the environment while continuing to deliver enriching and entertaining experiences to players around the world.

To sum up, it all comes into play:

  • the production of consoles, games, accessories
  • Metal mining
  • Console and computer consumption
  • even the exclusivities between machines
  • The never-ending race for technology
  • Transporting consoles, accessories and physical games

The video remains very optimistic despite the severity of the current climate crisis, or at least, it allows itself to be optimistic about video games.

What do you think?

Are you aware of the impact of your tech consumption habits on climate change?

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