Anarchitects allows you to create your own VR adventures!

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On April 23, 2024, Squido Studio launched its free-to-play title, Anarchitects, in Early Access on Meta Quest, a new VR/MR social game that combines creativity and collaboration.

Players can immerse themselves in a rich and interactive universe, building, playing and sharing with nearly 200 unique objects, solo or with a group of 10 friends in real-time. The game features intuitive design tools that don’t require any coding, making it easy to create mini-games and simulations. As an incentive to launch, those who rate the game will receive an exclusive in-game gift. Discover the rich and chaotic world of the game through this new official gameplay trailer !

Anarchitects allows players to design mini-games and socialize effortlessly, without the need for coding skills. With user-friendly creation tools and a drag-and-drop system, players can adjust gravity, manipulate physical elements, and design simulations in minutes. The seamless system makes it possible to switch between game modes or continue construction projects without delays or loading screens, allowing for uninterrupted play. Players are also encouraged to create, publish, and share custom simulations, enhancing the game’s common, evolving universe.

Anarchitects introduces a dynamic, physics-based interaction system involving entities known as Celestials and their quirky counterparts, called Dummies, that enhance the overall experience by allowing players to build and play simultaneously.

Players have a lot of freedom of movement, allowing them to choose between a No More Rainbows and Gorilla Tag movement system, joystick movement, or both!

Regular updates, organized into themed seasons, add new items and features to keep the game fresh and engaging. Although Anarchitects is free-to-play, additional cosmetic items are available for purchase, offering over 300 combinations to customize the player experience. Future updates will include exciting additions, including a Middle Ages-themed season with swords, shields, and more!

Watch the gameplay trailer, experience the game live, and let your imagination run wild. The journey begins now on Meta Quest, where you can shape, share, and explore like never before.

Download Anarchitects now on Meta Quest

A Community Experience

Follow Squido Studio and Anarchitects on our social media channels for exclusive content and gameplay features. We’re committed to building a game that grows with and for its community, and we plan to introduce incentives for players and content creators.

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About Squido Studio

Squido Studio is at the forefront of VR/MR gaming innovation and is dedicated to creating experiences that inspire creativity, foster community, and redefine the boundaries of virtual and mixed reality. With a passion for gaming and a commitment to excellence, Squido Studio is ready to set new standards in the industry.

Article produced as part of a communication campaign to promote the game Anarchitects.

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