Sunrise’s Order Farm Simulation Gets a Release Date!

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April 2024 – Sherbrooke, Canada – Misstic Studio is excited to announce that version 1.0 of “Sunrise’s Order,” their first farm simulation game, will be available on Steam starting May 22, 2024. Immerse yourself in the adventure of building your own farm, inspired by your favorite games. Without the legacy of an ancestral farm, you’ll need to take the reins and use your skills to overcome challenges and thrive on your harvests. To help you, you can count on the delivery service “Animazon” to supply you with everything you will need to succeed in your contracts and become an accomplished farmer.

Key features

  • Use Animazon, a delivery service, to acquire your tools and seeds.
  • Fulfill your customers’ orders in the form of contracts to unlock new infrastructure.
  • Clear new land on the island to expand your operation.
  • Explore an extensive skill tree that even allows you to extend the days.
  • Enjoy a touch of humor as the character compares their real life to their video game experiences.

About Misstic Studio

Misstic Studio, an independent studio established in 2022, specializes in creating charming, colorful, and entertaining games, providing players with an enjoyable relaxing experience. Their goal is to make their games accessible to a wide audience.

To play the game, here is the Steam page.

Article based on information contained in the press release provided by Misstic Studio.

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