How is Overwatch 2 monetized? Its monetization explained

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Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter game played exclusively online in a 5v5 team. For its full review, please see our article here.

The game is free, but it was very expensive to create. So developers need to use aggressive monetization tactics in order to make money and enjoy their work.

There are several ways for Overwatch 2 to monetize these players:

  1. An in-game store with multiple cosmetic items to buy to stand out from other characters during matches.
Overwatch 2 Shop Shared Screen
Overwatch 2 Shop Shared Screen

2. A Battle Pass which is a gigantic progression bar promising rewards for those who play the game a lot. Very few rewards are free, and the game constantly dangles the rewards available by purchasing the Premium Battle Pass worth 13 CAD.

The Battle Pass is also temporary and expires after 2 months. If you haven’t played the game enough during this time, you lose access to rewards.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Shared Screen
Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Shared Screen

3. Hard currency: To buy the Battle Pass or items in the store, it is necessary to buy virtual money with real money. So with an exchange rate clearly against you, but that improves the more you buy virtual money, you can get voices, costumes, emotes, and grafitis for the character of your choice in the game.

Naturally, it is difficult to calculate the equivalent of virtual currency and real currency, and one can never buy only the amount one wants. You must purchase one of the following packs:

Overwatch 2 Shop Coins Shared Screen
Overwatch 2 Shop Coins Shared Screen

So we still have Overwatch Coins, which is on purpose because it is a psychological mechanism pushing us to complete other purchases in order to get rid of “the rest”.

4. The “novelty” of this Overwatch 2 compared to Overwatch 1 is that future heroes will pay off. If all the items mentioned above are completely optional, the heroes directly influence the game with their powers and abilities. This will therefore push the purchase of heroes, either to have all the heroes in his collection, or to get an advantage over other players.

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