January 31, 2024 State of Play Summary

Playstation held its online conference on January 31, 2024 unveiling the upcoming games on Playstation 5 mainly.

That’s more than 15 games announced, or reconfirmed.

If you missed it and want to watch it again:

If you want to have a summary, here is what Playstation sent us, with links to the blog of Playstation France (in French language) for each of them.

To view the list of videos separately, visit the Playstation YouTube channel or Playstation France.

Personally, it’s Sonic X Shadow Generations that kicks me the most, it will be an improved version of Sonic Generations, the best Sonic in 3D and 2D in recent years for my taste. Too bad I remade Sonic Generations recently.

This will give me the opportunity to wait at least 2 weeks for a 50% price drop as usual with Sonic games.

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