Quartier.Québec: The new unifying interactive platform that breaks the isolation of 14-25 year olds

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That’s it! After months of hard work by the Virtual Guardians Foundation team, the new Quartier.Québec platform is launched! But what is it?

Here is their press release:

“This portal brings together all the resources in health, in addition to offering a rich entertainment component.

Montreal, April 5, 2023 – With today’s launch of the interactive virtual platform Quartier.Québec, local youth can now find all the resources they need in the world of health (prevention, listening and referral) in one place, in addition to getting informed, having fun and having fun.

An initiative of the Virtual Guardians Foundation and supported by the Government of Quebec and Desjardins, Quartier.Québec is based on the idea of community. Its mission is unifying and it aims to break the isolation of young people. ” The number of them who ask for psychological support is constantly increasing,” says Louis-Félix Cauchon, who initiated the project and vice-president of the Virtual Guardians Foundation. Isolation is a major cause or symptom of deteriorating mental health. Quartier.Québec provides effective solutions and promotes responsible use of digital technology. »

In particular, the platform will offer an extensive directory of resources with links to the sites of groups, organizations and other entities providing assistance. Soon, a “Batman” button will allow users to reach live broadcast workers in case of an alert or urgent help. Finally, Quartier.Québec will offer health-related content (videos, texts, etc.) from experts or recognized organizations. Issues and issues that will be covered include parent/child relationships, cyber addiction and cybersecurity.

Socialize, play, evolve

In addition to its strong social and formative vocation, the site will also display a fun component. ” We have identified leaders in areas such as video games, culture and communications,” says Stéphanie Harvey, five-time Counter-Strike world champion and spokesperson for Quartier.Québec. Then, we put them together in a safe online space where 14-25 year olds will have their own place. »

They will be able to participate in activities including arts, video games, content creation and journalism. Also, they will be invited to get involved in the political life of Quartier.Québec in order to have an impact on its development.

All passions gathered

The platform takes on the appearance of a neighbourhood where the passions and interests of teens and young adults are found in separate buildings. For example, at the Stadium, they perform high-flying performances, participate in competitions, practice sports or register for eSports tournaments.
For its part, the Scene is the place where shows of all kinds take place and the space where emerging artists reveal themselves and accomplish themselves. As for the Agora, it is where knowledge is shared in the form of conferences, debates and exchanges that aim to stimulate curiosity and enrich knowledge.
The Rue des ateliers is the scene of experiments and immersions that plunge into the unknown and broaden horizons: cooking, yoga, meditation, sewing, robotics, etc. Finally, it is at the Arcade that video game enthusiasts meet to exchange tactics and strategies, participate in tournaments, etc.
Registration with Quartier.Québec is free. Simply create an account on the platform to access its content and register for its activities.

About the Virtual Guardians Foundation

Born in 2018 and focused on ethics, education and prevention, the Virtual Guardians Foundation forms an online beacon for people in distress, including the presence of street workers on the web. In addition, its mission is to promote the healthy and responsible use of digital technology. She believes that research and education are the best ways to overcome current problems. Although they require time, they allow for permanent evolution and real change. All these achievements require collaboration. The Foundation therefore strongly believes in the crossing of knowledge and complementarity.”


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