Review: Roots of Yggdrasil explained to parents (Preview)

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Roots of Yggdrasil is a roguelike narrative game combining strategy and village construction/management, set in a post-apocalyptic context imbued with Norse mythology. The game requires decisions (which building to build, which task to prioritize) that affect the success of expeditions and require strategy. The construction of villages leaves a great deal of freedom, since there is no construction grid, and universes and expeditions are created procedurally. No two adventures are alike!

The visual style of Roots of Yggdrasil is vaguely reminiscent of the comics of the 70s and 80s, with its deliberate strokes and bright and attractive solid colors.

Note that the game has not yet been released, but that it has exceeded its fundraising goal on Kickstarter in 6 days of campaigning. Promising!

Expected release date: February 2024

Developed and edited by: ManaVoid Entertainment

Type of game: Independent, strategy

Estimated total game time: See also

Themes: Norse mythology, strategy, community

Business model: See also

N shadow of players: Solo

For now, a free demo is available on Steam. Early access is also planned for summer 2023 on the same platform.


Ragnarök, the end of the world, leaves Midgard in ruins. However, a group of survivors remains, isolated on a fragment of Yggdrasil, the tree of life. The player plays Sunna, a brave and dedicated Viking from the Scion clan who leads her community on expeditions to build new villages, explore what’s left of Midgard, and accumulate resources to bring Yggdrasil back to life.

In his quest, the player must act quickly and effectively in order to thwart Ginnungagap, the evil entity that extends his grip on the world. He will also have to face many creatures and deities from Norse mythology. The goal of the game: restore balance and reunite the kingdom again by reaching the summit of Yggdrasil.


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The game is visually suitable for everyone, but requires more advanced reading skills and the use of strategy.

Violence, fear, nudity?

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No violence. There may be mention of alcohol (construction of buildings dedicated to drinking), but we do not see any character consuming it. Slight stress in the race against time when reaching the more difficult levels.

Minimum reading level required

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The instructions are clear, but require a good understanding on the reading side.

Language level used

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No vulgarity or insult.


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The game offers a well-marked progression and prepares the player well. The probability of failing a level is present, but failing has no consequence on progress (no life lost, etc.).

Level of execution at the controller required

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The game is currently available on PC only. It requires using the mouse to rotate the camera around the game board, like a board game. The player can take his time and does not have to react quickly.


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