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On January 22, 2024, SYNTHÈSE enthusiastically announced its first collaboration with Compétence Culture as part of the new deployment phase of the campaign to promote careers in the cultural sector, entitled “Culture and me“.

Initiated in November 2022 to address labour challenges in the cultural sector, this campaign has already highlighted 15 professions through videos presenting stimulating and often little-known job prospects. Building on the initial success, Compétence Culture is renewing the experience with the financial support of the Government of Quebec, this time focusing on five professions of the future, highlighted through digital content produced by URBANIA.

The collaboration between SYNTHÈSE and Compétence Culture focuses specifically on two new professions located at the intersection of culture and digital creation: Motion Capture Supervisor (mocap), with David Hurtubise, and the Virtual Reality Filmmaker, with Nicolas S. Roy, President and Executive Creative Director at DPT.

SYNTHÈSE contributed to the creation of the videos, the identification of professionals, as well as the development of job descriptions and educational material.

At the heart of Quebec’s industry, these two exciting professions will be promoted during the second phase of the campaign, which will take place from January to March 2024, through the respective platforms of SYNTHÈSE and Compétence Culture, BOUSSOLE and CULTIVE. Joint promotional activities specifically targeting students, young professionals and diversity groups will accompany this promotion.

Brigitte Monneau, Managing Director of SYNTHÈSE, highlights the impact of technological change on the cultural sector and digital creation, transforming existing professions and creating new ones requiring innovative skills.

Indeed, many digital creators work within the cultural industry on a daily basis. Whether it’s an immersive exhibition in a museum, an interactive tour through a historic district, a virtual reality dance performance, visual effects in a film, or a motion capture session with a circus artist, these examples illustrate the diversity of possibilities when culture and digital creation meet.

The aim is to highlight little-known professions. Anne Le Bouyonnec, Director of Expertise and Professions, and initiator of the first stages of this partnership, explains that the collaboration with Compétence Culture is natural, as more and more professions in the cultural sector now call on skills developed and used in digital creation.

Through this collaboration, SYNTHÈSE aims to introduce people to professions that are little known to the general public, with the aim of arousing interest, training the next generation of qualified professionals and meeting the needs of the job market.

To discover the videos and consult the job descriptions of the “Culture and Me” campaign, you can visit the BOUSSOLE and CULTIVE websites. Additional information is available in the Compétence Culture press release, the monthly SYNTHÈSE newsletter and the associated trailer.

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