The new Gran Turismo 7 update contains a surprising new game mode!

Gran Turismo 7 1.4 Update Featured Shared Screen

Here’s what you need to know about the Gran Turismo 7 update straight from Sony Playstation:

“Sony and Polyphony Digital Inc. have just announced the latest update to the game for Gran Turismo 7, SPEC II 1.40. Available at no extra cost, SPEC II is the biggest update to Gran Turismo 7 since its launch.

Here’s a look at the additions:

  • 7 new cars – including the highly anticipated Lexus LFA and Tesla Model 3
  • New Tour – Lake Louise Snow Tour
  • 3 Coffee / Extra menus
  • World Tours Update
  • Gran Turismo Sophy (AI Race Agent) with Quick Race (PS5 only)
  • 50 Challenges Added to Licenses
  • Paddock added to multiplayer menu
  • 4-player split-screen racing (PS5 only)
  • Features added to Photos / Scapes
  • Updated GT Menu/Dashboard
  • New Opening Film

GT Sophy will now be permanently integrated into Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 users only. Users can arrange a race quickly with “Quick Race”, formerly Arcade Mode, where users can choose to race against the AI racing agent for even more exciting and challenging races.

Full details are available here.”

The big surprise is a 4-player split-screen racing game mode. It’s pretty rare to see that in our games these days and it’s great to see it in such an ambitious game.

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