VR Accessory Review: ZyberVR KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips

Although the VR industry is booming and the headset itself is more expensive than just about any console, it only takes a few gaming sessions with a Meta Quest 2 headset to realize it could benefit from some improvements. The comfort of the headset, the playing time allocated with the battery, and the ergonomics of the controllers: nothing is absolutely satisfactory for seasoned players who want to indulge in more active or demanding gaming sessions.

After testing several fitness apps, active games, and rhythm games, I quickly realized that the controllers that come with the Meta Quest 2 set had several flaws. The smooth plastic quickly becomes slippery, the wrist straps are difficult to adjust blindly with the headset in front of your eyes and, if like me you have a rather small play space, the controllers quickly end up with marks and scratches every time you brush against a wall or furniture. Anyone who wants to play a rather active game for more than thirty minutes quickly realizes that the comfort of controllers is limited.

In an effort to improve my gaming experience, I tested ZyberVR’s KNIGHT rechargeable controller protectors for Meta Quest 2. Here’s what I thought!

The product

KNIGHT controller covers screen sharing

Name: ZyberVR KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover for Quest 2

Cost: 53.98 CAD

Delivery time: about 2 weeks

Characteristics: The accessory promises a battery life of 20 to 24 hours, rechargeable in one hour without having to remove the protectors, improved comfort to reach the top buttons more easily, a more ergonomic and larger handle and a protective design that does not block the signal between the controllers and the headset.

KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grip Covers promise a lot of exciting things, at a rather reasonable price that compares to other rechargeable controller grip covers from competing brands on Amazon. The delivery time is about two weeks and, in my case, the product arrived well-packaged and in good condition. The box contains:

  • 1 dual-headed USB-C cable to charge both controllers simultaneously
  • 2 x 1000Mah NI-MH rechargeable batteries
  • 2 transparent halo protectors
  • 2 ergonomic joystick protectors with straps
  • 2 joystick protectors
  • 1 instruction booklet

The different pieces of accessories are individually packaged and do not have the strong smell of plastic/vinyl that one would generally expect from accessories of this kind. It’s more reminiscent of a new car smell. Everything in the box is tidy and nothing is crushed.


The installation process is quick and easy. A video tutorial is available on the ZyberVR website, but the written instructions are enough to fully understand how to do this. The design of the controller grip covers is instinctive and the material is extremely comfortable. The handle, which normally measures 4.76 inches, gains more than two inches in length. It is important to plan for a place to keep the wrist straps and the original back plate of the controllers, as they must be removed to make room for the controller grip covers.

Inside the protectors, we notice a rigid shell that replaces the protective plate of the original controllers. Simply slide the controller shell and change the original battery to the new rechargeable battery, and insert the controller into the rigid cover until you hear a small ‘click’ that indicates that the case is in place. The rest is quite instinctive, it is a process that requires less than five minutes and the flexibility of the hardware makes it very easy.

The Test

From the first minutes, I notice that the adjustable straps can easily be manipulated blindly, without having to lift the headset to look at the controllers. My hands quickly find the straps and adjustment cords and the feeling of comfort and support is instantaneous. I still have trouble reaching the top buttons, but no more than usual; I guess you can deduce that my hands are simply small and that these controller grip covers don’t work miracles! However, the grain of the hardware offers some traction that allows you to reach the top buttons without having to slide down the controller, which is good. Joystick protectors also improve the grip of the thumbs on the surface.

After about an hour of active play, the protectors resist the dampness created by sweaty hands and are still comfortable. The handles are not slippery, and because the straps are keeping the joysticks in place, the tension in the fingers is reduced. If you regularly suffer from tendonitis or pain in the joints of the hands, you will greatly appreciate this accessory!

KNIGHT2 controller covers screen sharing

When charging the controllers, the cable works well and manages to charge the 2 controllers in an hour, as promised.

The only catch: the rechargeable battery has a smaller capacity than a regular battery. Even when the controllers are 100% charged, the headset indicates an 80% charge, which can be annoying. However, the lifespan remains more than 20 hours and the joysticks can be charged without having to remove the protectors, which is more enjoyable, sustainable and more economical in the long run.

The Review

My gaming experience with ZyberVR’s KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover is extremely satisfying. The hardware is nice, the rechargeable batteries are functional and the look is rather pretty, with details in red and blue to differentiate right and left and a minimalist design that’s a little sporty. If you tend to tighten your grip around your controllers more and more to prevent them from slipping when you play for a long time, you’ll love the comfort of the KNIGHT Grips Cover. The pain due to hands clenched too long is relieved and there is no need to fight with the wrist straps every time you want to put down a controller. Moreover, the straps make it easier to differentiate the right controller from the left controller, which for me has always been difficult given the particular design of the Meta Quest 2 controllers.

I highly recommend this accessory to people who:

  • seek greater comfort for more active or longer gaming sessions;
  • have joint pain in their hands/wrists;
  • find the original controllers too small;
  • are looking to reduce their consumption of disposable batteries;
  • usually have motor difficulties or poor hand/eye coordination.

If you want to purchase this accessory, visit the ZyberVR website and use the promo code MYRIAMBAULNE to get 20% off your order!

Photos and videos are from the ZyberVR website.

This accessory has been provided to us free of charge for review purposes, but this does not affect our opinion.

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