VR accessory test: Charging VR Link Cable for Meta Quest 2

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Although the VR industry is booming and the headset itself is more expensive than just about any console, seasoned gamers can quickly feel bored of the gaming options offered on the Meta Quest platform. The “mobile game” look of most of the applications offered may not satisfy the need for immersion of more experienced players and leave them hungry.

The Meta Quest 2 headset allows you to be “airlinked” to a computer in order to play more complex heavier games, including Alyx or Skyrim VR. Players who use Steam to purchase their games can also download the Steam VR platform for free and enjoy a wider variety of games. However, the Air Link function has many flaws. It is therefore recommended to use a USB-C to USB-A cable allowing the transfer of information directly from the computer to the headset. The catch: cables on the market are usually expensive, too short, do not work very well and do not charge the headset at the same time.

In an effort to improve my gaming experience, I tested the charging VR Link cable for the Meta Quest 2.

The product

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Name: ZyberVR 16FT/5M USB 3.0 A to C Steam VR Gaming and Charging Cable for Quest 2

Cost: 33.56 CAD

Delivery time: about 2 weeks

Features: The accessory promises extremely fast data transfer and streaming speed, a smart headset charging system, a design optimized for active play and exemplary durability.

At first glance, the cable looks promising, considering that most cables of this type retail for more than $ 80 easily online. In fact, the cost of this cable is barely $10 more than the cable without the charging option, which is a small difference considering. The delivery time is about two weeks and, in my case, the product arrived well-packaged and in good condition. The box contains:

  • 1 VR USB-C TO USB-A link cable
  • 1 small clip to hold the wire to the helmet
  • 1 instruction sheet


This is where the head scratching begins: to be able to charge your headset at the same time as the game using the Link VR cable, you have to adapt your space somewhat, since the charging does not come from the computer, but from a wall socket. So you have to plug the relay into the wall and the USB-A tip into your computer, all with very little room for movement, since you must avoid encroaching on the length of the cable. An extension cord may be necessary.

The Test

The data transfer is impressive. The gaming experience is smooth and the headset does charge at the same time. However, my play space is not optimal and I quickly abandoned the idea of charging my headset at the same time as linking to the game, since the electric wire was pulling on the cable and hindering me. To take advantage of the full effect of this accessory, you will need to adapt your space. However, the data transfer is more efficient than with several other cables I’ve tested, including the Meta Quest wire, which sells for nearly $90, and another competitor-brand cable bought on Amazon for $45. It is also important to turn on the device BEFORE you start playing, otherwise, the game will close. In short, this is a technical detail that is settled by habit, nothing more, but which I think is still worth noting.

The Review

The product works and delivers on its promises. It definitely works better than the other cables I bought in hopes of improving my gaming experience. I don’t believe I’ll be using the long-term charging feature, but, for those who are actively looking to extend their gaming sessions, this accessory is ideal, as long as you have a system in place to handle electric charging without hindering cable movement.

I highly recommend this accessory to people who use their computer to play virtual reality games and are looking for a smooth gaming experience.

If you want to purchase this accessory, visit the ZyberVR website and use the promo code MYRIAMBAULNE to get 20% off your order!

Photos and videos are from the ZyberVR website.

This accessory has been provided to us free of charge for review purposes, but this does not affect our opinion.

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