Bringing video game characters to life – Interview Odile Prouveur

Entrevue Odile Prouveur Ecran Partage

Odile Prouveur is always on the move! If you have the opportunity to meet her, there is a good chance that she will think about her future appointment, project, work and that she will prepare to go there.

And for good reason, Odile has more than one string to her bow: the writer, actress, voice actress, narrative designer or teacher is very curious, sporty and ambitious.

His ambition? Tell us stories, take us into his worlds, make us vibrate, writing and interpreting characters with this complex medium that is the video game.

We had the chance to speak with her in French. Above all, she explains the profession of narrative designer and actress, and her passions for theatre and storytelling.

A big thank you to Odile Prouveur for her time and energy!

You can follow his news on his Instagram here .

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