5 tips for young gamers from a professional gamer.

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Hello, I’m Marc! I am passionate about video games, I have competed on the Street Fighter fighting game series, I have programmed games, I have written about them, I have taught their creation, and I have gone through all the phases of the player:

Sometimes playing little, passionately, obsessively, or not at all.

If there is one of the phases that I prefer it is when my life is balanced.

Indeed, when I obsessively played Rainbow Six or Halo during my teenage years, I stayed up late at night by defying parental recommendations and prohibitions, but damaging my health and school results.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Featured Screen Sharing
Halo Infinite. Episode of the Halo series released in 2021.

When we do not have enough sleep, our faculties of concentration and memorization are degraded. And I hate that. I like it when my mental faculties are at the top, as often as possible.

Naturally, lack of sleep impacts school results, and then relationships with teachers, then with parents and even friends because you suddenly have to work more at home to catch up on school results.

But I understand, we are at school, in college all day, we go home, we have to do homework, eat with family, we have parents on our backs, we want time for ourselves! We want to be in his bubble a little. It’s only when everyone is in bed, that you can be quiet and play with your friends on the Internet, right?

Unfortunately and also fortunately this is not how it works.

By playing sports, diversifying your passions, playing different games, taking an interest in new areas, you can achieve remarkable results everywhere: at school, with your entourage AND in games!

1. Sport

The virtues of sport are well to be demonstrated: Better teamwork, a healthy body that will ask you for the food you need during your meals, a clearer mind capable of making better decisions at the right times.

I will always remember the astonishment of my parents, in the face of the physical and mental transformations that Taekwondo brought me after only a few months of training.

From the moment some professional Street Fighter players integrated sport into their routine, it greatly improved their lifestyle, and they surpassed the performance of their competitors, thus winning many tournaments.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Screenshot 2 Shared Screen
Screenshot of Street Fighter Alpha 2, in the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection compilation

2. Passions

There are also many interesting passions to explore: astronomy, botany, computer science, magic, finance, art, psychology, philosophy, cooking, martial arts… Anything that allows you to enlarge your point of view, allows you to create neurons, to stay intellectually stimulated. So when you return to the game virtual gaming arena, you come back to it with a different mindset, a better understanding of obstacles and opponents. New ideas and strategies appear when neurons are created and stimulated.

3. Games

Same thing by diversifying the games we play. Trying many different games allows you to analyze them, see the advantages and disadvantages. And to find new strategies.

While constantly repeating the same losing strategy, leads to nothing. Our mind gets stuck in there, we restart a new game, we lose again by putting the blame on the teammates. And we lose hours and hours.

4. Benefits

Balancing your life to another advantage, you appreciate each moment more. We enjoy more solo or team playing moments, we enjoy family moments, we enjoy moments in college.

When you have combined in a week, the 2 basketball practices, the classes, the family meals, the training on Apex Legends, the watching of the last Marvel in the cinema with his friends, and the attempt to make an apple pie even if failed, we feel very good. And we think we can do more, discover more! get better!

We also have more to tell those around him than: “I’ve been in class, and otherwise I play Apex, yes that’s all. No, I’m not motivated by the rest.”

5. Break the routine?

But I understand, change is scary. It doesn’t have to radically change routine immediately. Just incorporating a new element at the beginning can help. Something you’re curious about, a sport you’ve always wanted to try.

And if the word “sport” scares you, it can be something like a Ring Fit Adventure routine, Just Dance, or just Yoga or biking.

Personally, it was the Dance Dance Revolution game with its dance mat that was the trigger, much to the chagrin of my parents who heard me jumping repeatedly on the mat for hours.

Everything is possible with the intensity or moderation that is yours. Just find what interests you the most. A solution for this: EXPLORE.

Progress bars telling you that you haven’t opened enough chests in Fortnite, or that you haven’t won enough games today in League of Legends can wait, and will be there for the next few days. Your health and life don’t wait.

League of Legends Screenshot 4
Screenshot of the game League of Legends

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