Minecraft: How To Play With Sonic On PC?

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Minecraft’s sandbox nature allows a great deal of creation and customization. In addition to the basic content that grows with each major update or release, it is possible to download additional content from the marketplace. This additional content comes in the form of character skins, texture packs, and complete packs (“Worlds” in the market, also known as DLCs), the latter including a prefabricated world.

Among other things, it is possible to customize your Minecraft world so that it looks like a game from the Sonic franchise. This article is a tutorial in pictures to do this in the Minecraft Bedrock version on PC.

It should be noted that the vast majority of items on the market, including the DLC that allows you to play with Sonic, represent additional purchases.

Get the Sonic theme

Minecraft Screenshot 1 Shared Screen
The Minecraft home screen on PC

On the Minecraft home screen, select Store. This section is the third option on the home screen. It has additional content that can be added to the game. The majority of these items are paid, but free content may be found at special events.

Minecraft Screenshot 2 Share Screen
The Minecraft market, note the icons on the left.

Then, select the third icon from those visible on the left, the appearance of this icon may vary. This is the icon that displays market items inspired by popular culture.

Minecraft Screenshot 3 Share Screen
The Sonic world as it appears in the market

You can use the mouse wheel or drag bar on the right side of the screen to view all categories. The world or Sonic DLC is located there in the bottom section.

Minecraft Screenshot 4 Shared Screen
The Minecraft market, note the magnifying glass icon at the top right

Premiere displays change. If you can’t find Sonic’s DLC, you can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.

Minecraft Screenshot 5 Shared Screen
The search option of the Minecraft market

Click the magnifying glass to open the Search option. You can then write the theme you are looking for or a keyword and select what interests you from the choices displayed.

Minecraft Screenshot 6 Shared Screen
The product page and price of the Sonic world in Minecraft

Here you are on the DLC page that allows you to play with Sonic in Minecraft. You just need to buy it and it will then be possible to select it when creating a new Minecraft world.

Create a world with Sonic in Minecraft

Minecraft Screenshot 7 Share Screen
The Minecraft Play section

On the Home screen, select Play, and then select Create New on the Worlds tab.

Minecraft Screenshot 8 Share Screen
The option to create world, templates

This will bring up a window that allows you to choose a world model from those you own and those on the market. If you purchased the Sonic DLC, it should appear in the first category. Select the Sonic model.

Minecraft Screenshot 9 Shared Screen
The option to create worlds, game settings

The page to set your world settings will then appear. Adventure mode means that interactions with the game are those intended by the creators of the model you selected. You can also choose to play in Survival Mode or Creative, options also available for a world that doesn’t use any templates. When you are satisfied with the world settings, click Create under the image and the world will begin to load.


That’s it, everything is ready to play with Sonic in Minecraft!

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Image credit: Sonic x Minecraft DLC: Official Trailer