Review : Another Fisherman’s Tale explained to parents

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What parents need to know

Another Fisherman’s Tale is a virtual reality adventure and puzzle video game released in May 2023, developed by Innerspace Studios and published by Vertigo Games. The game is available on different virtual reality platforms like Meta Quest (Rift), PlayStation VR and Steam VR.

The story of the game follows an old fisherman who lives alone in his lighthouse. One day, he discovers a strange phenomenon that turns his daily life upside down: he meets younger and older versions of himself, each with its own story. Together, they will have to solve puzzles to discover the mystery behind their existence.

Another Fishermans Tale Screen Share 2
Screenshot taken in the first levels of the game, in which the player must collect wood planks in order to rebuild the bridge.

The gameplay of the game is focused on puzzle, perspective and size change mechanics. Players must find solutions to progress in the adventure and help the different versions of the main character to advance in their own story. The player can interact with the environment and use virtual reality to apprehend the puzzles from different angles. The character can also separate his hands and head from his body in order to be in multiple places at the same time and have different points of view, forcing players to experiment with perspective and brainstorm unconventional solutions to solve puzzles.

The immersive soundtrack and the atypical art direction of the game contribute to give a unique and haunting atmosphere to Another Fisherman’s Tale. The game’s graphics are simple, but effective, and convey that feeling of traveling into the heart of the unknown.


Release date: 11 May 2023
Developer: Innerspace VR France
Publisher: Vertigo Games
Available on: Meta Quest 2 VR, Steam VR
Available format: Digital
Version tested: Meta Quest 2 VR

Game genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Themes covered: Family, discovery
Duration of the main game/story: 3 to 4 hours
Total time to complete everything: 3 à 4 heures

Text languages: German, English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,
Voice languages: English, French,

Number of local players: 1

Level of experience required

Age 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18+

The game is not scary or violent at all.

The game is easy to understand and the texts are very light.

It is a very poetic game that emphasizes the importance of family and memories.

People less experienced with virtual reality will probably experience some difficulties at first, but the game accompanies the player throughout the story and gives several clues. It is a great game to get acquainted with the VR platform and learn how to circulate in a 3D environment.

Local game modes

The single-player story mode.

Online Game Modes


Our opinion

Another Fisherman’s Tale is a virtual reality game that has been acclaimed for its unique gameplay and brilliant storytelling and Praised for its clever and sophisticated virtual reality mechanics, such as how players can simultaneously look at each other from different perspectives or combine objects of different sizes to solve puzzles. It is only criticized for its short lifespan and lack of difficulty for experienced players, although it is still 4 times longer than its predecessor, A Fisherman’s Tale, which gave barely 1 hour of play.

Overall, Another Fisherman’s Tale is a gorgeous game with captivating storytelling that will be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, though it’s probably short-lived and rather easy for VR regulars. It is a video game rich in puzzles and offers an immersive virtual reality experience that pushes players to think and explore. If you are looking to escape through an unforgettable adventure or discover the world of virtual reality through the exploration of controls, this game is for you!

*The game was provided to us for free for review purposes, but this does not influence our opinion.*


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