Review: Street Fighter 6 explained to parents (preview)

What parents need to know

Street Fighter 6 is a 2D fighting game, where opponents compete in 1 against 1. The graphics are in 3D.

Each of the two players chooses a character from a selection of 18 characters (at launch, this number will increase over the years), and competes on a level on a 2D plane.

Each character has unique characteristics and special powers, but they have a common basis of action: normal moves, special moves, and super powers, throws, guard.

In addition to the common base of action, Street Fighter 6 adds many mechanics to diversify the ways to attack. It’s like a combination of mechanics that were presented in Street Fighter 3, 4 and 5.

Although the developers have planned many arguments to introduce beginners to this opus, veterans of fighting games and especially the Street Fighter series will naturally be advantaged thanks to the similar basics and mechanics.

To follow the scenario, there is no need to have played the previous games.


Attention for Xbox console owners: the game will be available on Xbox Series but not on Xbox One.


Release date: 2 June 2023
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Available on: Steam PC, Compatible Steam Deck, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series
Available format: Physical and digital
Game genre: Fighting game
Themes covered: Combat, street, around the world
Duration of a game: 5 minutes
Duration of the main game/story: Infinite, as long as you enjoy playing against opponents
Text languages: English, French, Japanese,
Voice languages: English, French, Japanese,

Number of local players: 2
Number of online players: 2

Level of experience required



Fighters compete with punches, kicks, magic energy, fire attacks, electricity, ice, bites, projections, knives, firearms with magic projectiles.

You can choose whether or not to activate wounds on the bodies of the characters. However, there is very little blood.

Many female characters have wide necklines, suggestive poses, and bathing suits.

There are also many male characters shirtless or in bathing suits.

Requires to know how to read for several years to understand the multiple instructions.

Language of combat, provocation, the street.

Encourages combat, competition, training and perseverance.

The female characters are particularly sexualized but this has diminished since the previous opus.

There are many difficulty modes for all types of players.

There are also many modes to control characters.

Acheter le jeu, et ensuite de nombreux personnages, costumes seront disponibles au fur et à mesure des années

The game is going to be constantly updated. Every few months, new characters, costumes will be purchasable with real money.

If you want all the additions, it’s going to be very expensive in the medium and long term.

Local game modes

World Tour

Allows you to create a 3D avatar and explore virtual cities to face many fighters controlled by the game. This allows you to follow the story of the game, accumulate skills and items for your avatar, as well as customize it to give it special moves that you want.

Fighting ground

A variety of game modes to play Street Fighter in a more classic way: Arcade, Versus, Team Battle, Training, Tutorials, Special Match

Online Game Modes

Good news! The game is cross-play or cross-platform! That is to say that all players can play together online regardless of the platform of their choice: Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series, Steam PC.

Online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription on PlayStation consoles, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold on Xbox Series. It’s free on Steam PC.

Here are the game modes that can be found in the game:

Battle Hub

Allows you to use your created avatar to find yourself online with other players, and to compete against them. It is then possible to face the opponents with one of the basic characters or his avatar.

In addition to ordinary fights, it is possible, to change your mind, to play on old games of the company publishing the game Capcom, or to play in matches with special or even crazy conditions.

Fighting ground

Also features online game modes, in addition to local game modes: Ranked Match, Casual Match, Custom Room.

Our opinion

A free demo is currently available on PlayStation Store for Playstation 4 and 5 consoles, Steam for PC , and Microsoft Store for Xbox Series. We highly recommend trying the demo first to see if the game is right for you.

More information, when we can test the game.

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