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What parents need to know

Death Roads Tournament is a game that describes only in English terms: it is a roguelike deckbuilder. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what that means.

In a post-apocalyptic world reminiscent of the Mad Max franchise, you play as a race car driver who wants to cross the United States to win the Death Roads Tournament, destroying or sowing opponents in the process (but we prefer to destroy them).

Battles take place by drawing cards. Maps have a variety of effects; Some cards will allow you to change gears, which expands the combat possibilities of your cards, while others allow you to move on the road.

To defeat the enemies, you will either have to hit them with your vehicle, or use the weapons installed on your car, all always using the drawn cards. Be careful, however: if you use too many cards in one turn, or if you get caught too much by enemy cars, you may lose control of your vehicle, and skid cards will be played automatically.

During your journey, you will earn coins that you can install on your car, which will change the composition of your deck of cards (hence the deckbuilder part). Some weapons shoot straight ahead, others attack enemies behind or from the side. Some auto parts will increase the durability of your vehicle, while others will make it less susceptible to skidding.

In short, you have to choose your cards in order to create a deck with a good synergy, that is to say whose cards complement each other well.

And strategy will be essential, since Death Roads Tournament is not an easy game (we come to the roguelike part). Every time you lose, the game is over and you have to start your crossing of the United States from the beginning. Fortunately, so as not to get too discouraged, you still earn points that unlock new drivers and new car parts for the next games.


Release date: 28 March 2023
Developer: The Knights of Unity
Publisher: Surefire Games
Available on: Steam PC
Available format: Digital
Version tested: Steam PC

Game genre: Deckbuilder
Themes covered: Car racing, post-apocalypse
Duration of a game: 1h
Text languages: German, English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
Voice languages: English,

Number of local players: 1

Level of experience required

Age 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18+


The concept of the game as such is violent; We are in a deadly race where we must destroy enemy vehicles before they do. However, violence is only implicit; We see cars explode, but we don’t see blood any more than we see drivers suffering.

Aside from a few slightly more revealing outfits, there is no nudity or sexuality to speak of.

It is necessary to read to understand the effects of cards, but fortunately, cards use symbols that make it possible to understand their effects without necessarily reading.

But if only to understand the effects the first time, you will have to read. The same goes for understanding the choices available to us throughout the adventure.

We are participating in a murderous race for the sole glory of the thing. The protagonists are not particularly honorable.

The game is difficult, you will probably have to try again often before finding a winning combination.

On the other hand, since the action is turn-based, the level of execution required is very low.

On n'achète le jeu qu'une seule fois.

No additional cost at this time.

Local game modes

We participate in the Death Roads Tournament, trying to cross the United States and confront the computer.

There is also a tutorial called Prologue that explains the rules of the game.

Online Game Modes


Expansions/Add-ons (DLC)


Our opinion

Death Roads Tournament, like many indie games released lately, is clearly inspired by Slay The Spire, a title that greatly popularized roguelike deckbuilders.

Unfortunately, most games that attempt to emulate Slay the Spire are doomed to be compared to it.

Death Roads Tournament is distinguished by its theme (we do not remember seeing a game of this type with an automotive theme), and by its game system that puts a lot of emphasis on positioning on the road. It is not enough to draw good cards; You also need to be well positioned to use them. It is not uncommon to spend entire turns without attacking, simply trying to position yourself favorably.

These factors help differentiate Death Roads Tournament. But that’s not enough to make it much fun; The title is a little difficult to approach for beginners, and the art direction, all in gray and brown (post-apocalypse requires) does not make the game more attractive. There is fun to be had, but you have to take the time to tame the beast.

Death Roads Tournament is a cleverly designed game, but that we would tend to recommend to experts in the genre who can no longer play Slay the Spire and who are looking to put a new title in the tooth.

Note: Death Roads Tournament is early released, Which means that the game is still in development, even if it is offered to the public, and that we will undoubtedly see many updates and improvements in the coming months.